Saturday, January 31, 2015

First Show!

I had my first Stella & Dot trunk show last night were I was the stylist! It was pretty low-key since it was at my house, but SO fun. If you were unable to make to my show, you can at:

I love how each piece can be worn so many ways, and I especially love the engravables! They would be such a meaningful gift for family members, weddings, graduations, and to remember loved ones. 

THANK YOU to all the lovely ladies who made it out last night!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Being a Running Mom

Since marathon training is already a quarter over, I've been reflecting on how being a mom has changed my running.

Having a baby and then raising him thus far has been empowering...among many other things ;) At nine months postpartum, I'm closer to my pre-pregnancy pace than ever before. As a mom, I've been able to push myself to run so much harder than I ever imagined.

I've found strength in myself I didn't even know was there.

I have more motivation, drive, and perseverance. I also have less time to get the running in, so the trail or track have become more meaningful; giving me some moments of freedom to renew my courage.

Being a mom has made me a fiercer, more persistent runner, but it has also allowed me to be more comfortable with failing. I continue to realize that I cannot control everything. I mess up. 

A lot.

But dwelling on the potholes in the road isn't going to make the run any better. I can celebrate that I gave it my all--more than I ever thought was in me--and that I grew through the journey.

 Marathon training is going better than expected right now, but I know it won't stay this way. It will obviously get harder. Yet knowing that God has entrusted us with His precious child reminds me that I can endure. He makes me stronger. Will makes me stronger.

I can't wait to see his face at the finish line.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

9 Months

I can't believe Will is 9 months already...this month flew by!

Most of the updates were on Monday's post found here. We will have stats for him after he visits the doctor tomorrow and that info will be posted in his 40 week post.

We're so thankful for this sweet baby boy :)

 Fourth tooth coming in!

You bring us so much joy, Will, and we are better because of you. We love you!

Monday, January 26, 2015

39 Weeks!

Will engages in reciprocal conversation in the form of shouting noises, fake laughing or squawking like a triceratops. He loves giving kisses, and he has started to suck his thumb more. He still sucks on his toes, scrunches up his nose like a pug, crawls everywhere, and he laughs or squeals to show he's so proud of himself. He says "eh" over and over when he wants something.

Will is getting his third tooth, he nuzzles with anything soft, and my hair is a constant toy. Will also "cho choos" along objects on his own (ie walks along them while holding on), and he's loving his puzzles lately (read: gnawing on the chunky pieces). He also will sit in my lap before bedtime to "read" a book finally :)

Happy 39 weeks my handsome boy...we love you!

9 month post up later this week!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Master Bedroom Change

Since we've been in our house for nearly three years, I've been having the itch to change things around. When we first moved in I just wanted to fill the space, but now I want to make it more of my own since we have more opportunities to do so. Besides the living room, our bedroom was a room that I felt needed a face lift. My SIL has the Sherwin Williams Sea Salt color in her living room, and after researching it more, I found it to be quite versatile. 

I needed something lighter since our room started to feel too dark...leaning towards dreary rather than cozy. I wanted a space that fit me more closely to where I am and what I am needing more now in life...if that makes any sense. I love that the sea salt color can look green, blue or gray depending on the lighting. I used the color match at Lowe's and purchased their Valspar signature paint with primer in it. We purchased a satin paint which I love. It was formerly semi-gloss because the tan was also in the bathroom. When we first painted, we didn't want to get extra gallons just to have satin (since we purchased 24 gallons of paint for the entire house the weekend we moved in! Crazy.)

I could only wait a few days into Christmas break before I painted it! But the best part of all? I didn't really need to change anything else in the room. I swapped some items from other areas in the house, and purchased a new jewelry holder from Etsy (on sale), but we didn't need to purchase new bedding or other major items. So this face lift was easy and relatively inexpensive. And now the part anyone really cares!


Here is more before pictures


The purses were my great grandmothers
I use Betsey Johnson perfume in case you wondered what that crazy bottle was (now it makes sense)

Post cards sent to my great grandparents (we have these throughout our home)

I love old books--this one I found for Corey :)

I moved my scarves into our closet to simplify the space. I also don't like the way the Mr. & Mrs. turned out above the bed...too small font and wrong background color. So I'm keeping the concept but going to make it more of what I envisioned. Overall, I'm very pleased with the color and LOVE the change!

(aka Will was napping so here is Mags)

The curtains to the right is our laundry room (took the doors off!)

What rooms have changed as you have changed?