Monday, January 5, 2015

36 Weeks!

Our 36 week old has his 2nd tooth coming in! Will is constantly moving around...crawling backwards to the sitting position to his tummy to his back to sitting again. Today he also started crawlin g forwarda lot more! Mostly for Maggie's toys though ;) He's also pulling himself up on furniture. Lately he's been wanting to play with the toys on his exersaucer by standing up on the outside of it...silly boy!

He's been standing in his crib (so we obviously lowered it), and he's been sleeping on his side/rolling around in it which is new. Will loves other kids and smiles or laughs when he's near them. He still likes to take anything and everything that is in our hands or friends' hands...which means stealing toys. He's also getting more upset with "no" but distracting him with something else helps.

Will has also started waving, and he loves making spitting noises or putting his hand over his mouth to make noises. I truly am amazed at how fast time has flown by--especially now that he's older, and I've been back at work. Hard to fathom he'll be one in just a few short months (ahhh!). But I'm putting that thought aside, and we get to enjoy his fun 36 week old self!

Came into this surprise! He was so proud ;)

Oh hi momma (Mags rode shotgun)


Showing me his paci/giving me a break from working

Love watching him sleep ;)

He thought it was funny the first time he got his foot painted...not so sure now!

He loves stuffed animals...

I love you to the moon and back, my sweet William!


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