Monday, January 19, 2015

38 Weeks!

Our happy boy is 38 weeks!

Will is waving more and thinks it's pretty much the best thing ever. Except he never does it on command of course. Apparently blow drying my hair is also hilarious :)

Will LOVES bath time (and swim class). He will start kicking and race towards the tub when we start getting him undressed. He's still pulling himself up on everything, trying to stand on his own, getting into anything possible, and he even started going up stairs! He made it all the way up our 15 steps without assistance. He loves piggy back rides, talking, screaming when excited, grunting when frustrated, and playing with his feet.

Will also makes a clicking sound with his tongue like it's going out of style, is so ticklish, and his laughs are seriously the best. He rubs my legs when I feed him his bottle which is the sweetest. And lastly, his stretches are probably one of my favorite things about him...seeing him straighten those chunky thighs!

We feel very blessed and even spoiled to have you, Will!

ps We comb his hair down, but it dries and shoots back up!


Leah Bradley said...

I just laughed thinking of him reading this when he's 14. haha... Love it.
Such a fun baby.

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