Monday, January 26, 2015

39 Weeks!

Will engages in reciprocal conversation in the form of shouting noises, fake laughing or squawking like a triceratops. He loves giving kisses, and he has started to suck his thumb more. He still sucks on his toes, scrunches up his nose like a pug, crawls everywhere, and he laughs or squeals to show he's so proud of himself. He says "eh" over and over when he wants something.

Will is getting his third tooth, he nuzzles with anything soft, and my hair is a constant toy. Will also "cho choos" along objects on his own (ie walks along them while holding on), and he's loving his puzzles lately (read: gnawing on the chunky pieces). He also will sit in my lap before bedtime to "read" a book finally :)

Happy 39 weeks my handsome boy...we love you!

9 month post up later this week!


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