Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reflections on Crawling

Since Will is  crawling now (although slow), he constantly wants to be moving. People kept telling me, "enjoy this time before he crawls" or "there goes your freedom when he starts moving" and honestly, it got old ;) 

But what I think they meant to say--or at least how I am feeling right now--is that crawling means less snugging. Less holding, less welcomed hugs and kisses...and more chasing, wiggling out of my arms, and trying to sneak in hugs and kisses when I get a quick chance.

 Will crawling is really a big milestone in my book, and we are so proud of him! But I do feel this strange sadness about not being able to squeeze him endlessly. I love his curiosity, desire to have every dog item in the house, and the concentrated look on his face when he investigates something new. But it's another transition to being a big boy.

It always confused me when people said, "My baby is almost one. I can't even handle it!" In the beginning I kept thinking, "I cannot wait until Will is one. Imagine the fun we'll have then!" 

But now I get it. 

It means our sweet, chubby, snuggly baby--who has always been fun--is now moving into the toddler stage. It's wonderful, exciting, hopeful. But I'm thinking there may also be a little bit of [normal, healthy] grieving when that time comes. 

A time of looking forward to the future while so thankful for the past.

Although the newborn stage rocked my world...literally, rocked it...those early moments were beautiful and indescribable. As hard as the first stage was for us, it was still so sweet--and looking back it's even sweeter. 

And now Will is not a tiny baby, but a big baby who is moving around on his own. I am so in awe of our growing boy. 

But as long as I'm living, my baby he'll be.

ps I keep crying when I read Love You Forever


Leah Bradley said...

You're so sweet, Holly. Will is so beautiful. I'm glad you post about him each week.

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