Monday, February 2, 2015

40 Weeks!

At Will's 9 month checkup we found out he is 20.5 lbs (65%) and 28.5 inches (57%). We also changed his schedule where we took out a bottle and added more baby/table food. We're starting to wean him off the bottles, and he is totally okay with that :) We also changed his bedtime routine and he's been staying up later. Surprisingly, it has been working quite well!

The little goober is also feeding himself more, laughs when we laugh, and gets giddy when we watch Daddy snow blow or he sees Maggie outside. We also started laying him down for naps/bed rather than rocking him. We just didn't feel ready to have him consistently "cry it out" until this point, and at bedtime we haven't really needed to rock him for months (we just like to :)). Anyway, it's been going better than expected. We don't let him cry for long--we put the paci back in, lay him back down, and then he can fall asleep on his own.

Recently I had been discouraged about how little of time I was seeing Will and how much time I spent working. The Lord certainly heard my prayers last week as I've had 5 days in a row at home with Will! (Snow day, personal day, weekend, snow day). I treasure this time with him--he is such a joy. And as I go back to work, I'm reminding myself to focus on quality over quantity with Will, being grateful for my schedule/all our blessings, and the fact that I'm showing him what a strong woman can be like. (Note: Don't think I'm discrediting stay at home moms...they are strong too! We're all just wearing different hats :))

Anyway, here's to 40 weeks!

Giving me kisses

After swim!

Now only 60% of the food ends up on his clothes rather than his mouth ;)

"Kissing" Daddy

A sneak peek of his 9 month photos!

We love you, baby!


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