Monday, February 23, 2015

43 Weeks!

Our growing boy is 43 weeks old today!

Will enjoys waving at himself, kind of clapping, mimicking hiccups, and squirming/rolling over during diaper changes. He can do a three-point turn in his walker, and he knows when you're pleased with him because he'll squeal and then fake laugh.

"He's got the whole world in his hands" is one of his favorite songs (his momma's rendition of course), and he loves momma's necklaces. He likes to type on the computer whenever he gets a hot second, but we still don't let him use/watch electronics (just a personal preference, but I know it will change).

Will still loves seeing himself in the mirror, and he giggles at pictures or videos of himself. We keep trying to do puzzles, but right now it's more fun to bang the pieces together. Whenever we read books, Will looks back at me in amazement--probably because I'm such an awesome reader...or maybe because of the inflection in my voice ;)

He's still a speedy crawler and enjoys standing, but he's not into walking with a push toy yet. We received our Ages & Stages questionnaire in the mail today to see if he's developmentally on track. After reading a skill I looked up at Will and he was drooling on the kitchen floor and then playing with his spit. Unfortunately that wasn't one of the skills they were looking for :P

Tried to get a picture of Will in his boxer shirt next to Mags...clearly that wasn't going to happen!

 Hard to get pictures of him sitting still and looking these days!

Trying to figure it out

Those teeth kill me--I adore them!

Our little boy warms my heart on even the gloomiest days!


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