Monday, March 30, 2015

48 Weeks!

Not to much to report as his latest update was here on Saturday. But Will is getting two more teeth this week which makes a total of 8! 6 on top and 2 on bottom. The past few days have been a little rough with teething, but as soon as they cut through we're good :) He's also been doing just fine without his bedtime surprise for me, but I'm quite thankful. 

We love our chunky little babe!

Catching sun rays (or dust)

hello morning!

My little helper

He loves his popper!

Poor Mags. She responded by giving his kisses 

He slammed his fingers in the drawer after this, but only cried for 5 seconds because he was distracted by the gum in my mouth :P

 loving the light switch 

loving chapstick...since his tongue is always out of his mouth, poor baby has really chapped lips


Will, you have mommy's heart :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

11 Months!

One month away from a year old...unbelievable!

Today Will is down to one bottle a day. This week he started going down the stairs backward--he prefers to crawl rather than slide on his belly which is silly. He is in the stage where he obtains so much joy from emptying our cupboards. We're working on having him clean things up, but sometimes it's quicker when we do it ourselves ;) Will also gets upset when we don't let him into the cupboards where all our soaps/cleaners are...the humanity! 

He has taken a couple of steps on his own, but he is still timid to try walking without support. However, he loves to cruise if holding our hands or furniture. Will constantly has his tongue out of his mouth, and he is making all sort of sounds (no words besides mama). His receptive vocab is getting bigger. He still loves turning on/off lights, and he likes testing the limits when we say "no" even when he knows what it means :)

Last night Will had fun playing with cousins, aunts & uncles who are so sweet with him. He loves being with other kids, and I'm looking forward to getting him more involved with others this summer. 

I am still in awe that God has gifted us with such a miracle. You are one observant, inquisitive, active, silly, sweet boy, Will. And we love so dearly!

Monday, March 23, 2015

47 Weeks!

47 weeks! I cannot believe how close to a year we are. It boggles my mind how fast it's gone--especially the last half. Will has been refusing his pacifier for the past week, so we put them away. He's walking more while holding our hands, and with one hand he just goes in circles. He enjoys getting into cupboards, playing "chase" and licking everything (oh dear!).

We've added a specific prayer to his bedtime prayer routine, and next week we're going to one bottle a day! Will is definitely showing his opinion, and since he's down to one nap a day, it takes him quite a bit of time to wake up before he wants to play. He's still such a happy boy, though, and he'll go to anyone unless he's real tired.

Will still loves all food, and he is constantly rubbing his lips with his silly. If he rolls his R's in a gentle way then he's happy. If rolls his R's in a high pitched way then he's angry. Such a nutty boy! He still says "mama" all the time, but it's not always for me. He decided to stop waving, but he'll throw his arms up for "so big!"

Will loves walks, looking out the front window, bath time, grabbing our faces, sharing toys (esp with Mags), pretending to type on the computer, toys with sounds, my singing (finally someone appreciates it!), feeding Mags from his high chair, turning book pages, and crawling under/over/around/into everything.

He is certainly our favorite adventure :)

Bird watching

Ceiling fans

We love you, Will!