Monday, March 9, 2015

45 Weeks!

45 weeks!

Will has been walking with his push toy a lot more, and I've even noticed a difference in his ability to steer in just a week. He is also more interested in walking while holding onto our fingers. I don't think it will be took long until he's staking his first steps on his own...we'll see! He also got his first haircut. He did well besides wanting to grab the comb. The velcro on his shoe helped distract him, and he eventually just let her go about her business.

Will enjoyed his Grandma's spaghetti for the first time (my all-time fav). His naps have been all over the past week--missing one or taking two long ones. I'm trying to determine when he is ready for one nap a day--it's tricky business :)

Two of my friends had babies this past Sunday, and I had a major realization of just how big Will is now as I held those sweet little babes. The newborn phase was certainly not my favorite, but I am thankful for all the beautiful feelings, moments, snuggles and memories in that first stage. It truly is a remarkable time! With that said Will's 1st birthday (what?!) is planned, and I'm starting to get things together. April is stacked up to be a very busy (but awesome) month, so I'm trying to get as much done now. I freakin' love planning parties...can't wait to see what he does with that cake!

He was playing until he got distracted from the giraffe on his diaper

So then this happened...

Feeding Mags his dinner...

First haircut!

He thought this was the best game

There's a book that has fur in it, and he saw Mags licking it. Now he licks it...

Short legs!

Trying to catch the sunrays

You are simply our favorite, Will!


Stacy Hoeksema said...

Oh my word, those pics of getting distracted by his diaper made me laugh out loud! Maggie sniffing the diaper was the icing on the cake lol. What a silly kiddo!

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