Monday, March 16, 2015

46 Weeks!

Our 46 week old babe is slimming down...sort of! He's moving so much that there's less of a Buddha belly. In fact, I'm pretty sure Will has more abs than I do ;) His 5th & 6th teeth are cutting through,  he enjoys sharing toys with momma, drinking from a straw, tumbling with his teddy bear, snuggling anything soft by sqealing and diving into it, and climbing over everything/up the stairs. He's also been boycotting his morning naps most of the week, so we're now at one nap a day. Although it's nice to have some down time while Will naps in the morning (hello running and shower time), I'm looking forward to all the things we can do this spring/summer without him falling asleep or being cranky :)

Will has been laughing at random things lately. Like when he locks and unlocks the windows, Mags being nutty, when I clip his nails or clean his ears. He thought it was the best thing ever when I swept the garage. Then the other night he was belly laughing when I put his PJs on. This kid! He is seriously the best. He also sticks his tongue out when he's really focused. This stage is SO fun!

The hardest part about Will right now, besides teething, is diaper changes. It's like wrestling a tiger cub. I don't actually know what that would be like, and Will doesn't growl or scratch. But he does roll and scream and twist constantly. I get my workout in.

This week Will went on the swing and slide for the first time since it's finally warm enough. He enjoyed both but preferred the slide for longer. I, on the other hand, preferred the swing since it was easier on me. But it's not about me is it?! ;) He loves going for walks--we went on 3 on Thursday! He's also getting more into books (we can almost get through one!) and especially likes rhyming and books with texture. He also likes to lick books...a highly intellectual skill he learned from Maggie.

I'm posting 7 million photos as I was home a lot with Will this week (and loved it of course!) #noshame

They are both going in for a kiss...unfortunately

Trying pineapple

He loves taking selfies

Will, you bring so much joy to our lives and make it infinitely sweeter...sweeter than we ever could have imagined!


Leah Bradley said...

He is such a happy boy! I love that he and Maggie are such best buds.

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