Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Changing Blog Settings

I started Observations of an Osbeck as a fun way to document how our house progresses, my random observations, and a few other lighthearted topics. When we had Will, my blog became a convenient way to document his story and my journey as a mother. Because of this, I obviously post boatloads of pictures of him every week. 

Lately I've been thinking about making my blog private because I don't love the idea that just anyone can look up pictures of Will. I'm not saying anyone/everyone does that, but it's something I want to consider to protect his privacy. 

Thus, I think I'm going to make my blog private within a week or so. 

For the few who journey to my little home on the interwebs often, I am more than willing to give you the password to follow...in fact, I definitely still want my blog to be a place where I share my heart with family and friends :)

If you would like the password, you will need to do two things:

1. Have a blogger account (you can sign up for free & you don't need to have your own blog)
2. Let me know your email address via email, text or commenting below

Thanks for understanding! 


Katie said...

I'd love to still follow along! withasmileblog@gmail.com

Leah Bradley said...

i still want to follow. i believe you have my email. :)

Erica Baker said...

I'd love to follow along too! I have really been enjoying keeping up with all of 'the Olson PA's' via blogs :) my email is erica@bakerstories.com

Amanda V said...

I'd love to follow, Holly! I love seeing your little cutie, he is so fun! avkopple@gmail.com

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