Sunday, March 8, 2015

Thankfulness Lately

So many times the past few weeks I've been talking or thinking about someone and then have an overwhelming sense of thankfulness. So much so that I wanted to get it out on "paper". I've always had a strong support system, but so often I take them for granted.

And that is so wrong.

I've been blessed with so many strong women in my life, friends in our small group who care deeply about my spiritual growth and marriage, friends who deeply desire for me to be healthy emotionally and physically. Family that is always available...for anything it seems. A husband who is such a servant and amazing Dad. He even did an Easter craft with me (crazy Saturday night), and helps out a ton with cooking (who am I kidding? He does all the cooking), laundry and dishes.

I'm also thankful for...

legs that can run
sunshine (spring fever!)
birds chirping
a healthy baby
church on Saturday nights
long weekends
Will's fingers and toes
my friends who are pregnant 
a garage to clean out
warmer temps
Will's giggles
an organized car
dances with my babe in the living room
my friends who just had babies 
a needy dog
dreams of summer
Easter baskets
less snow by the mailbox
hearing and seeing Truth
that poop smell in Will's nursery
maggie's sunbathing spots
hope for my friends wanting to be pregnant
 solid jobs
two seconds of snuggles I get with Will
cute shoes
an opportunity to earn spending $
a house to make into a home
awesome neighbors
bond movies
water from those tall cups with straws
the Holy Spirit

And the list goes on. We started reading "You & Me Forever" by Francis Chan with our small group. This week it was such a needed reminder that I have the power of Holy Spirit living in me. I was also reminded of Acts 2 when the first Christians were filled with the HS. How freakin' incredible is that? I have part of God living in me power, strength and joy. What the what?! 



Stacy Hoeksema said...

Awesome post! Your heart of thankfulness is an encouragement to me. :) Love you!

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