Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Happy birthday sweet boy!

My heart is so full.

Last night I stood in our kitchen with tears rolling down my cheeks as I ate my carrots and lots of veggie dip. Will is one. I had just written in the book we have him for his birthday ("Love you forever"). I was trying to determine how I felt, and then it all came out. Overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with gratitude

Overwhelmed with love
Overwhelmed with awe at our precious gift
Overwhelmed at how the Lord grew us so much and humbled by how much more I need to grow

As I reflect on this past year, there were plenty of really difficult days. But overall, it was beautiful.

So humanly beautiful

And Gods grace and blessings were displayed throughout all of those messy and wonderful moments. The Lord has been so faithful to us in many ways, and it's evident each time I see that toothy smile on Will's face.  

Below are the monthly rocking chair pictures in order and pictures of today. Corey and I took today to celebrate our first year as a family of three, by going to the doctor, The Omelette Shoppe for lunch and then John Ball Zoo! He is 2.5 feet tall (58%) and 21.5 pounds (53%). For his first zoo trip, Will enjoyed the chimpanzees, otters, fish, penguins and goats the best. 

Will, I never knew my heart could love in the way it loves you. You have empowered me to trust more in God, myself and others. I am a stronger woman because of you. You are such a gift to our family, and we pray you grow into a boy who loves our Creator just as deeply as He loves you.

So Happy 1st birthday, sweet pea!

The best we could get of 12 months!

And other pictures from our adventures today!

Checking out some birds

Too bad the petting zoo was closed today :/

Watching those silly otters

 More otters...

There's a ginormous bear behind Will, and he'd rather play with his diaper bag

Or the velcro on his shoe

No more pictures, mom!

Will, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be. Daddy and I love you so very much!

Monday, April 27, 2015

52 Weeks!

The time is here...52 weeks old!

Will is now climbing onto the couch on his own....and really climbing into/on everything. He takes a few steps, but not many--I know he will when he's ready. He has one molar and his only word with meaning right now is mama (although he understands a lot more). He prefers drinking from a straw and thinks it's funny when he shares my cup of water (also with a straw) with me. He also has been giving me zerberts  on random places (i.e. arm, knee) which is weird and funny all at once. He still enjoys turning lights on/off, wagon ride, emptying our cupboards, twisting during diaper changes and reading books. Will, you are bring so much entertainment and joy to our lives :) We love you from the bottom of our hearts, sweet boy!

Sorry, not sorry...I love sleepy pics! I could kiss those cheeks all day long

He's better things to do than diaper changes

On his own!

Blogging each week has been a great way for me to document his life and reflect on the joys and challenges of various stages. I'm going to try to keep posting once a month. He was born on the 28th, so maybe I'll shoot for that? Or maybe I'll update as we take on so many fun adventures this summer. We'll see how it pans out, but I definitely plan to keep this up in one form or another. Tomorrow is his actual birthday and last rocking chair post where I'll have all of them together...stay tuned!