Monday, April 6, 2015

49 Weeks!

49 weeks!

Will thinks it is silly when I slurp from a coffee mug...I didn't realize I was such a slurper until he started chuckling, he loves walking underneath/around our table, and he could watch the washer or dryer for days. He also likes to crawl under things (mostly chairs) now. We have back and forth "conversation" in the form of shouting "ah!" He has been pretty clingly lately which I really don't mind ;) He's also been really into wrestling, snuggling and climbing up/all over us! He also loves to bite, but he has not yet realized that it hurts people. A few days I ago I held him like I used to when he was a little baby and he started giggling like this is silly momma...he's getting so big!

He looks so big here!

He has so many more expressions these days!

Climbing over me!

You make our lives so full, Will!


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