Monday, April 13, 2015

50 Weeks!

50 weeks! Wowzers, Will is getting old! :P

He is really into dancing to music right now (i.e. bouncing and waving his arms), snuggling a TON (teething and a cold this week--poor baby), and he is going through a separation phase where he really just wants his momma (I secretly don't mind). Once he warms up he is just fine, and he still went into nursery at church without problems. 

Will loves to look out the windows for birds and to get the weather report. We also love watching cars come and go out the front window. He has become more expressive and we're working on him saying "dada"...although he mostly just wants to trill, screech and grunt ;) We tried playing in the grass since it was so lovely out this past weekend, but he wasn't too sure about the feeling on his soft toes yet. 

Will also took three steps a few days ago! Lately it's been one or two, so the 3 was extra exciting. It won't be long now before he's running around. So hard to believe he was born nearly a year ago.

I had a few extra days with him this week for which I am so so thankful for. 

I can't get enough of this silly boy!


Mags loves the bubbles & eats them all

We rarely let Will watch anything on a computer, TV or phone, so he thought it was hilarious watching Francis Chan during small group.

A trip to the Rockford dam!

He loved the water!

We attempted the sunglasses...


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