Monday, April 20, 2015

51 Weeks!

Woah. I'm pretty sure I say that every week. But I seriously cannot believe we're going to have a toddler next week...boy, how time has flown. I love each new stage Will enters, but some days I'm in disbelief as to how big he is. Overall I'm so so thankful for a healthy, happy boy.

Will's latest is smiling at me when I make all different sounds, but deciding he doesn't want to repeat them. We're starting to "give kisses" by making the smooching sound. He's also really into throwing his hands in the air and lunging at us to hug (and bite). For some reason he only bites me and his teddy bear. I tried to show him a sad face (and it was legitimate because it hurts!), and a stern "no". But he continues to do it when he's really excited. I think it's what he does to those he loves most :P

Will is either moving around the house like a wild animal (Mags anyone?) or super focused on a book or toy. He doesn't have too many in between unless he just woke up from a nap in which case he's super clingy :) Oh and pooping. He'll sit still for that. He's been showing more of a stubborn and selective ignoring side...little stinker! He's going to do what he wants when he wants, so we're trying to show him flexibility by holding firm to what we say. (Sorry babe, no touching the fireplace or having mommy's phone). But boy, Will is still such a fantastic baby. So sweet and cheerful. He's slower to warm up to strangers, but once he's had a good look-over he chums it up. I sure do love our little ham!

Kissing the "kiss kiss fish" on his favorite page

"Gentle" is a term we're working on

Taking toys out one by one. Just because...

First wagon ride!

Just rubbing Corey's legs...random!

He climbed on me to sit on top of the ottoman

And a Mags...

We love you little man!


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