Sunday, April 26, 2015

Time Flies: Will's First Birthday Party

We invited over family and close friends for Will's 1st birthday party. It was such a clear reminder of how deeply loved our little boy is, and we are incredibly grateful for all who were able to attend!

We went with a "Time Flies" theme with airplane decor. Since our sweet toddler only turns 1 once, I decided the little details are celebrate that Corey and I survived thrived the first year of parenthood, and the details are necessary for Will's memory book since he won't actually remember them of course ;)

Warning: there a about 700 or a take a few :P

Oh there are balloons backs there

And now it's exceptionally windy

He chuckled when he first saw all the photos of himself

Mini pop/water like airplanes

This is supposed to be an airplane...we tried

Not sure why everyone is singing

First time having dessert, and he loved it of course!

Forgot to take his pants off!

Pregnant friends!

A new trick Corey and Will like to do

Mags helped herself to the cake (thankfully after people left)

We feel so privileged to be your parents, Will. You bring us so much joy, and we are so thankful you have so many people who care deeply about you. We love you to the moon and back!

*52 week post coming tomorrow, 1 year post on his actually birthday in two days & professional one year photos coming in a few weeks!*


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