Sunday, April 5, 2015

Will's 1st Easter

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with the Osbeck family, and then we went to Saturday night church. I volunteered in the nursery since there were so many babies/toddlers and not enough volunteers. It was fun to be in there, and I enjoyed observing Will interact with others (although he still thinks pulling out pacis is funny...eek! :)). He was surprisingly clingy to me, but would play and forget I was there only to suddenly remember and search for me. I secretly liked it ;)

Today we had a slow Sunday morning which is my absolute favorite. Since I'm doing high mileage on Saturdays, I try to start my run by 7:30am. But even still, it takes up most of the morning! So Sat night church has made Sundays a beautiful Sabbath for our family. This afternoon we spent celebrating Easter with the Reeds.

Although Will is too young to understand the message of Easter, I am looking forward to when we can explain just how incredibly much his Savior loves him. It's not about the Easter baskets and egg hunts (although fun). It's the mouth-dropping fact that Jesus suffered the consequences I should be enduring. And then after suffering he had the power to raise from the dead just as He said he would. We serve an amazing God, and I too often neglect how powerful and loving He really is. Love so amazing, so divine...demands my soul, my life, my all.


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