Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Being a mom is such a blessing. I've found myself in a sweet spot of contentment and peace, and I am thankful to be here, as I know difficult moments and seasons are sure to come.

Being a mom this past year has been challenging but undeniably rewarding. I have never felt so strong and so helpless all at the same time. It truly is a beautiful journey, and I've ultimately come to realize that mom's are irreplaceable. I am irreplaceable. How incredible is that!

I am thankful for the moms in my life who provide remarkable examples of forgiveness, vulnerability, support, and love.

I know some moms struggling with a lot of hardship right now, but what I love about being a mom is that we are surrounded by a huge support system. There are momma's everywhere you understand or at least are willing to listen. So to those of you traveling through a murky time, know that you're not alone (we all go through those times!), and you are truly inspiring.

There isn't a harder or more satisfying "job" in the world.

I'm deeply thankful for the opportunity to be a momma. Today I'm celebrating the growth that has occurred this past year, as well as the excitement in the future. But ultimately, I'm grateful just for today. A day to spend with my lovely mom and my sweet baby. Such a gift.

And while doing so, I'm praying for those who are waiting our mourning on this precious day.


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