Friday, May 29, 2015

Will: 13 Months

Where has this spring gone?! I cannot believe it's almost summer, and I am so unbelievably ready!

Will is walking around everywhere now! He is completely in cruise mode. He loves eating nearly everything still, and some of his favs are green beans, oranges, pears, bread, peanut butter, and of course crackers. He continues one nap a day but sometimes two. Will loves to pretend to cough, and he quickly starts laughing when anyone near him laughs. He has quite the personality.

Lately he's been using both hands to move our faces around so that he can get kiss our noses. (Kiss=maul our faces off). He also loves giving me a zerbert--it makes us both laugh uncontrollably. Will has been even more snuggly since getting older which was unexpected and 100% welcomed. He is such a sweet boy.

Using a 1 minute timeout (pack-n-play in our dining room) has been effective! He no longer bites us when he's excited, and he has left the record player alone for a long time--although he started back up again...little stinker!

This age is seriously so. much. fun!! We're going to visit high school friends in Ohio next week and a cottage near Traverse City with my family the weekend after. I'm so excited to be able to be more interactive with Will at the beach and such. He went into the lake with my mom last weekend, and he loved it! We've also been going to the park a lot now with neighbors as it's finally nice out.

I'm so in love with our little boy. Every night I check on him before I go to sleep, and then I tell Corey, "ah, I just love him." I cannot get enough of thankful :)

I love how excited he is in the mornings! (Most of them ;))

Mother's Day

Watching Daddy mow

Going on the playground by himself like a big boy

Daddy did his hair...

He LOVED baby Eli aka his future BFF

Will loves brushing his teeth...let's hope it lasts

Admiring and kissing himself in the mirror...

Me as a baby...see, Will and I do look alike!

ps I planned to do this yesterday, but I'm still trying to figure out how to put my iphone photos onto my work laptop. I accidentally dropped our new computer a few weeks ago and shattered the screen...eek! Thank goodness for dropbox...


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