Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Corey's Birthday (Mumford & Museum)

Corey's birthday was June 13, and we celebrated at Fife Lake with my family. We also went to the Mumford and Sons concert on Tuesday, and it was amazing! The show was wonderful, but the best part was having a date night with Corey and seeing him loving it...pure sweetness :) The next day Corey and I took Will to the children's museum for the first time (finally!), and he had a blast. Some pictures...

Excited for our date night!

The closest I'll get to a beer--and even then I will only do one

Will was at a baseball game with his Nana/Papa. He's getting so big!

This kid was the best dancer

Great show!

Last time we were at this theater was in 2008 (left) to see Jack Johnson

Will couldn't get enough of this "bridge" at the children's museum!

He's really into these cozy coupes, and he knows what it means to put "feet up" to get pushed since we've been practicing with ours :)

Homeboy loves fishies

And shopping carts--getting better at maneuvering them, and he'll put items in on his own now

ha, love this face!

Working hard!

At one point he was more interested in the elevator than toys

It is such a blessing to be with Will when he experiences new places and things. I love his investigative and brave spirit!

And Corey? I am in debt to God for gifting me with such a great husband who is also an incredible Daddy. I'm grateful we can travel life's ups and downs together and learn along the way. There is no one else I'd rather do life with. I love you, Courtney, and happy birthday!


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