Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fife Lake

My family and I took an extended weekend to relax at a cottage on Fife Lake near Traverse City. Besides Will waking up real early and being so active, it was quite a relaxing time. It is always a joy to see my nephews playing together (they are so sweet with Will!), and I love spending time with my parents and siblings :) It was cold most days, but the rain stayed away for a majority of the time, and we even got to witness a beautiful sunset, as well as fishing. Corey came up Friday, and we celebrated his birthday on Saturday!

One of his gifts from me was a frying pan...I ruined his other one :P

We also celebrated Tara's birthday...I added their years together ;)

We came home to a well-taken care of Maggie who slept like this.

I'm thankful for such a lovely time away with family. Will is uber cranky today because of all the fun, but it was well worth it. Later this week Corey and I are continuing the birthday celebration at a Mumford concert!


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