Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Reunion in Hudson

On Friday school was dismissed for summer...woo!!! I booked it out of there to pick up Will, and we traveled to Hudson, OH to visit my dear friends from high school. It was a wonderful weekend of sweet friendship. These women are encouraging and inspiring, and I'm thankful to have known them for over half of my life!

Will did awesome overall which I'm so thankful for. He was fussy for a half hour on and off during the 5 hour car ride on the way there and slept 3 hours on the way home. When not sleeping, he babbled, giggled or was able to entertain himself. He is starting to say more words now (mama, dada, nana), and it is always fun to see him investigate and grow comfortable in a new place.

Nell's parents were able to watch Will and Eli while we went out to dinner, and it was incredible. I felt like I could finally unwind a bit from the school year, get a break from my sweet boy (he's busy!), and just be me for a little bit. Not to mention is was lovely catching up with these gems. What a blessing they are!

I had all intentions to take lots of pictures on my nice camera, but I only managed to get a few on my phone.


The dogs loved Will's ability to donate food to the floor

Hudson reminded me of Back to the Future


And now we're into summer--it doesn't seem real yet! Will and I have been going on walks, runs, and hanging out with friends. We are going up north to a cottage with my family this weekend, so that will be a blast. Corey's birthday is also this weekend, so we're excited to celebrate at the cottage and then hit up Mumford and Sons next week.

We also took our first trip to urgent care due to Will face-planting on the pavement the day before we left for Hudson. They thought he may have had a mild concussion, although he was acting fine. I felt like an awful parent of course, but he is completely okay and happy. (Makes me sick thinking about it still...)

I'm trying to savor every moment I get with Will this summer...bring so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be home with him right now. Here's to sandy toes, endless giggles, more road trips and exploring the great outdoors (in a safer way)!


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