Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Will: 14 Months

Will was 14 months old on June 28th!

I cannot get over how incredibly fun this stage is! Will is full of personality...so sweet, silly and curious all the time. It's wonderful! He has 9 teeth now, has grown a lot taller, and he is running through the house. He stands up on his own to walk, and he enjoys climbing/rolling over everything. He is a pro at stumbling and hurting himself (eeeeek) which always freaks me out. He is a big dancer and lover of anything musical. Clapping and bothering Maggie are also his favorite pastimes. 

Will also enjoys clicking his tongue, sharing food, feeding us crackers, getting into food on his own, trying to use silverware, reading books, playing in water (big time!), swimming,  combing his hair, and he adores going for stroller/wagon rides. He is inquisitive and points/says sounds to most things. He makes more squeals than sounds, but he understands so much--it's so fun to watch him learn. 

He currently says (although not always on command)...

Caca (cracker)
hak (hot)

A review of pictures this past month:

I am amazed at this beautiful (big!) boy we have. Thank you, Lord, for him!


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