Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dining Room Wall Gallery

I haven't done much with our dining room since moving in 3.5 years ago simply because I love its simplicity. I've tried a few things on the wall just to take them down weeks later because they didn't fit. And I love the wall color. It's kind of wild, but a good wild actually (unlike the basement). 

We've had this big painting up from the get-go as Corey said he really liked it when he was a kid, so his mom saved it for him...only for him to not remember saying that when we actually moved. Regardless, I liked it and up it went. (Excuse the messy stone on our table--we just redid our fireplace this week too! A post on that later.)

In the past 6 months, I've been wanting to add more pictures and inspiring/fun words around the house as we have so many memories of Will at different stages. So down came the painting and up went a new wall gallery that I've been planning after finding this on pinterest. I used the set up from that blog as my guideline and then created my own style overtime by drawing it, re-drawing it, and searching for the perfect pieces over the course of a few months. The teacups are from my great grandma's china set and the marriage license is from Corey's great grandma. And yes, that is our crooked thermostat in the middle of it all--hopefully I'm concealing it better than before :)

I tried to catch a few pictures of homeboy, but he on the move as usual!

I'm love that the wall gallery is one of the first things you see when entering our house!

ps I realized I didn't use the flash...but I'm too lazy to retake the pictures, so you get the idea!


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