Friday, July 31, 2015

Will: 15 Months

Summer is flying by! Will is now 15 months (a few days ago). He enjoys...

waving at passing cars
being chased
church nursery (hello awesome toys!)
being outside as much as possible (especially to play with his cozy coupe or lawn mower)
climbing/standing/running on couches (eek!)
eating nearly everything (he prefers a banana for breakfast to start and then he'll eat the rest of his food)
reading books
petting Maggie and having her lick his fingers
walking up and down stairs (with help)
helping with laundry
throwing all our magnets off the fridge
pushing his dump truck around the house
shooting hoops
watching the fireplace
watching toilets flush
riding his toy car (he picks it up even!)
swinging at the park
wagon and stroller rides
walking around in the lake
going to places/observing new sights and people
coloring (ie making dots on paper)
destroying my megablock towers
listening (he hasn't needed a timeout in a long time)
playing with any type of car along the floor
snuggling, snuggling, snuggling
and he absolutely adores music/clapping

Overall, we've got a healthy and lively boy on our hands, which I am so so thankful for. Will is almost 23 pounds (52%) and 2 feet 7 inches tall (43%). His 10th tooth is about to cut through. I've taken him to some library playgroups, and he during those visits, he mostly wants to run around and play. However, he does like motions in the stories/songs that accompany books. We're signing him up for Bright Beginnings playgrounds which start this fall when I go back to work. I'm thankful his Nana/Grandma are both excited about it! We may also do more swim lessons or just wait till next summer.

Be warned...there are TONS of pictures because this is my "scrapbook" :)

This boy has my whole heart :)


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