Sunday, August 2, 2015

Basement Update...Again!

Summer is really spectacular because I can get lots of projects done while while Will sleeps. (Corey may have a different opinion ;)). Our last summer project is our basement...again!

We painted the white of the chair rail in order to break up the overwhelming blue color, and our friends recently helped us put the chair rail up since they had the specific tools and skill set (thank you Gards!). But I also decided that more painting needed to take place.

Five-nights-after-Will-is-in-bed painting. What?! 

After 3.5 years of desperately trying to love the blue, I really just despised it and rarely wanted to go in the basement. It was unfortunate since it's Will's playroom and where our guest room is. Sometimes change is necessary, and I'm surprised I made it that long.

 Now that it's a nice neutral tan, I want to keep going down there! Instead of University of MI theme, I'm going with soothing/classic colors. I can add in those UofM touches in a small ways. And really, I think Corey could care less, ha! 

I also moved the yellow curtains to Will's room which are perfect for that space. I love using things I already have to make spaces in our house feel more complete or fresh...and it's cheaper too! Will and I made a trip to IKEA to get a few small pieces living room which allowed the living room ottoman to migrate to the basement and the yellow one to hit the curb.

You can check out the before post here. Looking back it seemed whimsical-ish and fun...but really just too much. 



As Corey kept me company painting I kept exclaiming, "I just love it, Corey! It's perfect." As if the new paint color were a baby. I'm ridiculous. But I'm also thankful for a gracious husband and the opportunity to do these minor updates. 

I also spray painted the clipboards black, got new shelves (Thanks Leah!), and changed out the photos. My favorites are of my great grandma and grandpa that my parents gave me for my birthday. 
My co-worker is making us a new console, coffee and end tables for upstairs, so once those are done I'm going to move the tan ottoman down to the basement and toss the yellow chalk one (although Will loves writing on it!). 

We've already used the space a ton more which I'm thankful for...I just can't wait to replace that red couch with one that doesn't kill my booty after 5 minutes of sitting on it. I also have to finish caulking the chair rail and touch up paint in a few spots and then it will be done for good!

Cheers to free time and a desire to change!


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