Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sweat It Out

So remember all those grand plans to do a bunch of races this year?

I've actually done all of them so far! I've lost steam and instead of running the GR half marathon for a desired time, I'm running the 10k with Corey. I actually did train up until last week, so it was a reasonable goal...I'm just over it! :P

Also, running is my sacred time to process--to open my heart up to my creator--and I realized I want to keep it as such. I don't want to begin loathing it or feeling defeated for not reaching a certain goal. Just going out and doing it needs to be my plan again.

So this fall, despite being jam packed with activities, I will be focused on getting back into lifting (yay!). Corey has started me on the Starting Strength program. So far it has been great. I really love having him there helping with me (because deadlifts are weird!), and it's lovely having more time just us.

And it's incredible what the body is capable of! You'd think I'd realize that running a marathon, but I got less motivated and forgot. I've only been doing this program for a few weeks, and I've already been able to go up in weight considerably more than I thought possible. Although I'm not the fittest or strongest lady at gym (duh!), it's great to feel strong.

I'm grateful for a husband who, no matter what is going on in our lives, makes time to keep fitness a priority. He never judges me for not working out, but he's always right there to motivate and encourage me when I do.

So here's to stronger goals!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will: 17 Months

Will is 17 months old!

He is such a snuggle-bug! He loves kissing, rolling around with his blankets, cuddling with anything soft, and watching himself make silly faces in the mirror or camera. He is talking a ton more! He can say many words, but quite a few can be hard to understand still. He has been growing more and more frustrated that we cannot understand him, and he definitely lets his voice be heard. We've been working on "blowing" (deep breaths) and using "nice words"...and the occasional time out ;)

Although Will's frustration has increased, he's such an enthusiastic boy still. He loves playing with others kids and going to church and "school" (play groups) with my mom and Jill. He still very much enjoys playing with light switches, brushing his teeth, dancing to music, reading books, turning the fireplace on, carrying his monster around, and mimicking everything.

Will is finally getting the other bottom front two teeth. He sleeps roughly 10-11 hours each night with one nap a day. Will is courageous and definitely not afraid of heights or trying new things (although he can be shy around new people). Mostly, he loves being silly, cleaning (mopping/laundry), eating, loving on Maggie and playing outside. 

Sometimes I wonder how I'm so fortunate to call him mine!

Most of my pictures are on instragram (or just my phone!) these days as there seems to be so little time for being intentional with our little family, myself and well as work, church, small group, housework, seeing friends, etc. I'm thankful for all these opportunities, but hope to get back in the blogging groove over time. Life sure is interesting fun to balance :)

Schwallier's Country Basket

On Friday we took Will to his first Rockford football game. He was most memorized (and danced with) the band. We stayed till half time, and he did great until then!

We visited Schwallier's Country Basket twice this weekend as well. What fun it was! When Will saw the pumpkin patch he ran right into it and started yelling "Go!" to all the pumpkins. Then he pet and kissed some of them. It melts me to see him experience new things, and he is always cracking me up!

Next weekend we're looking forward to another football game with Will and then ArtPrize. We also need to work on some landscaping (we had a few trees removed last week), and finish a little painting in the basement (finally!). 

Corey and I are constantly thanking the Lord for Will. He is such a gift and brings so much joy, love, exhaustion and fun to our lives!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It Is Well With My Soul

I've been a little MIA lately...but not intentionally so. I've actually been thinking about so many posts in my head, but I haven't found the time (desire?) to sit down and type. 

Most of my processing has been during runs, walks with Will, or car rides.

Life has been sticky lately. Hard, really.

We've been busy soaking up the last few days of summer, getting into the routine of a new school year, and being more intentional with the time we have as a family.

And taking on the pain of others or enduring our own. 

We're still grieving for the loss of loved ones this past year and working through the beautiful treasure that God is sovereign and good. Corey and I are being courageous and learning to communicate our feelings better. To seek support when it's easier to hide.

Overall my heart is joyful. This school year is starting smoothly, and Will brings so much life to our everyday. 

I have a God who knows me so deeply. Who understands me and keeps me. And a healthy family, comforting home, and supportive community.

But despite those gifts, life is calling us to be brave when it's difficult to be brave. 
I realize this post is vague, but a blog post can't explain the journey we're on right now. 

The journey is not bad; it is simply a refining process. A season of growth that I am slowly opening myself up to. A season where I am appreciative for the opportunity to be brave with those I love the most.

Life is has been sticky lately. Hard, really.

But even still, it is well with my soul.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Will: 16 Months (and Grand Haven)

It seems that our computers die every time Will is a month older, so this post is a few days late!


Will is at such an energetic and fun age! Although he can be tiring (what stage isn't?), I truly adore where we're at. I feel so thankful to have this sweet and snuggly ball of energy in my life. Corey and I don't know what we'd do without him!

He is saying more words, lots of sounds, and it's amazing how much more he comprehends each week. He's also starting to recognize when he's gone potty. I thought that seemed early, but we've starting putting him on his potty just for exposure.

Right now Will likes to...

give kisses with his mouth open
use his sit 'n spin (he does it on his own!)
reads/babbles to books
throwing things away
climbing on everything
helping with laundry
playing with light switches
looking for airplanes
playing with neighbor kids
and playing outside is his absolutely favorite!

Instead of transferring phone pictures from the last month I'm just posting a bajillion pictures from our Grand Haven trip last week. I'm trying to practice/learn more about shooting in manual, so I took tonsssssss of pictures...

This summer has been such a blast, and it's hard to believe it's time for me to return to work already. I am mostly ready, but I'm going to miss Will (and slow, low-key days) immensely. I wish I could be in two places at once :) But the separation is good for both of us, and working truly makes me a better mom. I'm cherishing our time together and looking forward to a new school year.

Cheers to positive attitudes!