Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It Is Well With My Soul

I've been a little MIA lately...but not intentionally so. I've actually been thinking about so many posts in my head, but I haven't found the time (desire?) to sit down and type. 

Most of my processing has been during runs, walks with Will, or car rides.

Life has been sticky lately. Hard, really.

We've been busy soaking up the last few days of summer, getting into the routine of a new school year, and being more intentional with the time we have as a family.

And taking on the pain of others or enduring our own. 

We're still grieving for the loss of loved ones this past year and working through the beautiful treasure that God is sovereign and good. Corey and I are being courageous and learning to communicate our feelings better. To seek support when it's easier to hide.

Overall my heart is joyful. This school year is starting smoothly, and Will brings so much life to our everyday. 

I have a God who knows me so deeply. Who understands me and keeps me. And a healthy family, comforting home, and supportive community.

But despite those gifts, life is calling us to be brave when it's difficult to be brave. 
I realize this post is vague, but a blog post can't explain the journey we're on right now. 

The journey is not bad; it is simply a refining process. A season of growth that I am slowly opening myself up to. A season where I am appreciative for the opportunity to be brave with those I love the most.

Life is has been sticky lately. Hard, really.

But even still, it is well with my soul.


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