Sunday, September 27, 2015

Schwallier's Country Basket

On Friday we took Will to his first Rockford football game. He was most memorized (and danced with) the band. We stayed till half time, and he did great until then!

We visited Schwallier's Country Basket twice this weekend as well. What fun it was! When Will saw the pumpkin patch he ran right into it and started yelling "Go!" to all the pumpkins. Then he pet and kissed some of them. It melts me to see him experience new things, and he is always cracking me up!

Next weekend we're looking forward to another football game with Will and then ArtPrize. We also need to work on some landscaping (we had a few trees removed last week), and finish a little painting in the basement (finally!). 

Corey and I are constantly thanking the Lord for Will. He is such a gift and brings so much joy, love, exhaustion and fun to our lives!


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