Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sweat It Out

So remember all those grand plans to do a bunch of races this year?

I've actually done all of them so far! I've lost steam and instead of running the GR half marathon for a desired time, I'm running the 10k with Corey. I actually did train up until last week, so it was a reasonable goal...I'm just over it! :P

Also, running is my sacred time to process--to open my heart up to my creator--and I realized I want to keep it as such. I don't want to begin loathing it or feeling defeated for not reaching a certain goal. Just going out and doing it needs to be my plan again.

So this fall, despite being jam packed with activities, I will be focused on getting back into lifting (yay!). Corey has started me on the Starting Strength program. So far it has been great. I really love having him there helping with me (because deadlifts are weird!), and it's lovely having more time just us.

And it's incredible what the body is capable of! You'd think I'd realize that running a marathon, but I got less motivated and forgot. I've only been doing this program for a few weeks, and I've already been able to go up in weight considerably more than I thought possible. Although I'm not the fittest or strongest lady at gym (duh!), it's great to feel strong.

I'm grateful for a husband who, no matter what is going on in our lives, makes time to keep fitness a priority. He never judges me for not working out, but he's always right there to motivate and encourage me when I do.

So here's to stronger goals!


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