Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will: 17 Months

Will is 17 months old!

He is such a snuggle-bug! He loves kissing, rolling around with his blankets, cuddling with anything soft, and watching himself make silly faces in the mirror or camera. He is talking a ton more! He can say many words, but quite a few can be hard to understand still. He has been growing more and more frustrated that we cannot understand him, and he definitely lets his voice be heard. We've been working on "blowing" (deep breaths) and using "nice words"...and the occasional time out ;)

Although Will's frustration has increased, he's such an enthusiastic boy still. He loves playing with others kids and going to church and "school" (play groups) with my mom and Jill. He still very much enjoys playing with light switches, brushing his teeth, dancing to music, reading books, turning the fireplace on, carrying his monster around, and mimicking everything.

Will is finally getting the other bottom front two teeth. He sleeps roughly 10-11 hours each night with one nap a day. Will is courageous and definitely not afraid of heights or trying new things (although he can be shy around new people). Mostly, he loves being silly, cleaning (mopping/laundry), eating, loving on Maggie and playing outside. 

Sometimes I wonder how I'm so fortunate to call him mine!

Most of my pictures are on instragram (or just my phone!) these days as there seems to be so little time for being intentional with our little family, myself and well as work, church, small group, housework, seeing friends, etc. I'm thankful for all these opportunities, but hope to get back in the blogging groove over time. Life sure is interesting fun to balance :)


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