Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Will: 18 Months

A year and a half! 

Say what?!

Our babe is 18 months old today. Our sweet boy continues to grow...

He is 31 inches long (9th percentile) and 24 lbs 4 oz (52nd percentile)...short and stout! He finally has the other front bottom two teeth poking through, he can "jump" (he doesn't get off the floor yet :)), and he is talking a ton more and saying SO many words! We're working on putting words together. Will also loves to snuggle and read books. He knows what book his Bible is, and he still loves to sing and dance to music. He is forward facing in the car now, and he was amazed at the change!

Will also likes to scream and throw fits when we tell him "no" or when we can't understand what he's trying to can be frustrating for all of us, but we're working on "blowing" (deep breaths) and "nice words". I don't mind if he needs to scream or hit to get frustration out, but anytime he hits someone (including Maggie) he gets a timeout. Thankfully he hasn't needed many! And so far it's primarily been when Maggie sneaks his food...which I get annoyed about too ;)

Our lives were made infinitely better when you arrived, Will! Happy year and a half, sweetheart.

You bring us so much joy, Will! We love you!


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