Saturday, November 28, 2015

Will: 19 Months

How is our sweet boy already 19 months?! 

This fall is flying by, and Will is growing daily. He is is saying SO many words, curious about everything, and constantly wanting to know where Corey or I are. He's starting to say "no" rather than scream when he doesn't like something (yay! Just need the "thank you" part), and overall he is listens well. He enjoys dancing, running, singing, playing with barn animals, cars and shopping carts. He is a sponge for new information. He adores reading, swimming, turning on lights/fireplaces, and is such a big snuggler. I could go on and on, but he's truly changing daily. I'm so thankful for our sweet boy. The Lord is so so good and gracious. Here are a few pictures but more are on instagram...

PS the plan is to keep these posts up till he's 24 months...then it will be whenever I can. I make yearly books for Will's birthdays, so it helps me stay organized! And it's easier to do during nap time when I'm home in the summer :)


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