Monday, December 28, 2015

Will: 20 Months

Will is 20 months! 

It's hard to believe he will be 2 in four short months--this year is flying by. He is learning so many new things each day, and he has such a sweet personality. Here are a few highlights from the last month:

-Will's vocabulary has exploded! He usually repeats everything we say, and we are better able to understand what he's saying. He is just starting to put 2 words of different ideas together. Some of the very frequent words include...

buh bye
peas (please)
muah (thank you)--he usually signs it/blows a kiss
cah (car)
gal or gurl (Maggie girl)
bankie (blankie)
tesas (Texas)
pa-buh (peanut butter)
pa-tee (potty)
cracka (craker)
aaag (egg)
wawa (water)
cago (candle)--that was a hard one to figure out
cado (avacado)
pep-er (pepper)
mmmm (delicious)
gogurt (yogurt)
no, no, no 

-He loved ripping open "pesants" (presents) at Christmas & playing with his nephews. He definitely loves attention :)

-He knows many animal sounds and the color blue

-He says "please" and "thank you" often (or he won't get what he wants!)

-We are still working on "blowing" (deep breaths) when he's frustrated or saying "no thank you" (i.e. frustrated if Maggie is in his space)

-He has all teeth in except two front bottom ones

-He can go up and down the stairs on his own

-He LOVES to dance, clean, read, jump, "vroom" with his cars, play with play dough, snuggle, give/get kisses, wrestle/jump on Daddy, be held by mommy, help us cook/clean/do laundry, be with friends, kiss Maggie, and be outside/go on walks

-He loves fire (candles, fireplace...anything cause & effect really)

-He can identify MI and Texas on his placemat map

-He now stays in a chair for timeouts (rather than pack-n-play)...and some days he needs many ;) We usually use 123 Magic before a timeout unless he hits which is an immediate timeout

We are also potty training! Will has loved to be in the bathroom with us and watch us go (awkward right? Buh bye privacy!), and he really has taken to the potty. When we remember to put him on every hour-ish he goes pee and stays dry! He earns a scoop of peanut butter for #1 and 2-5 minutes of Elmo for #2 (it's happened twice so far). Elmo is a recent treasure. He usually gets 1-2 short segments of Elmo a day without using the potty (we watch on YouTube since he doesn't watch any other TV). Also, his reward is to flush...he freakin' loves to flush! We are going to be more consistent with potty training this week with pullups to determine if he's ready for big boy underwear or if we just need to keep exposing/practicing and try again over spring break or summer. Potty training is intimidating at first, but I'm thankful he's been comfortable with it early on so we have no reason to be pressured. 

And now for some Christmas pictures...

I am so grateful for this time off with him over Christmas break, and I cannot wait for SB & summer! Every day I am amazed how much he learns, grows, and that he is ours :) We love you so much, Will!