Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Resolutions

In the past few years I have come to appreciate the celebration of a new year so much more than ever before. I am a forward thinker, so rather than reminiscing on the past year, I get geeked about what's to come. It amazes me that each year I'm given the opportunity to grow, change, and celebrate the Lord's faithfulness. There was a lot of pain in 2015 for our I'm freakin' glad that our journey is not over. 

The past few years I've made resolutions and stuck closely to most of them. My goals typically revolve around my health physically, spiritually and/or emotionally. Although I attempt to set realistic goals, there will be many days or weeks that I fail. 

And failing is so good.

Failing, or making mistakes, is a reminder that I am not in control, that not being in control of everything is a good thing, and that I should not be relying on my own strength. Moments or seasons of difficulty and weakness help refocus my soul to who and what matters most. So I'm looking forward to completing and messing up these resolutions this year:

1. Workout at least 3 days a week every week of the year. I have created a workout schedule that involves lifting (the Starting Strength program and my own system), running, and cross training (walking and stair stepper). I want to continue living a healthy lifestyle no matter what season of life I am in since my mental health craves it, as well as to set an example to Will.

2. Use myfitness pal consistently. This will be a month-by-month goal. Corey and I have a competition going where we earn points for each day we log and each workout we do. At the end of the month, the loser has to make the family a yummy breakfast and clean up. I hope I win because Corey's pancakes are better :) I'm thankful Corey has been so consistent at eating well (600 days in a row of logging!) as he is often an encouragement to me and my stress-eating habits.

3. Sacred readings. I am part of a weekly Bible Study, and there are 5 "sacred readings" or ways to further study after each meeting. I want to do at least 3 a week. This will continue until summer at which point I will pick a book of the Bible to study on my own. I have also picked this verse as my focus for the year and have it displayed in a prominent part of our house: 

4. Celebrate others. Comparison is so easy and too often filling my mind. I want to celebrate others' joys rather than being consumed with what I do not have. Because really? I have more than enough. This will be done through focusing on Psalm 19:14, the quote below which is displayed in my bathroom, and gratitude lists.
There are other things that I plan to do as well: work on being a better mother, wife, friend. Pray more--especially in front of Will. Continue with Stella & Dot and set at least 15 trunk shows for the year. These are more fluid and ever-changing plans.

So there you have it. Some years I did better at writing posts throughout the year about my resolutions. Last year I accomplished the running goal which I was proud of, but I found myself in too many overwhelming spaces to blog about anything other than summer plans and Will's monthly posts. I hope to write more often this year.

Cheers to new beginnings, friends...
Welcome 2016!


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