Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Kitchen yet Again

Corey and I have not done any major home improvement projects lately for a variety of reasons:

1. contentment
2. paying off student loans (which are done April 1!)
3. saving for the right projects

However, I've been sick of the red color in our kitchen for over a year now. It's a fun bold color, but it will be too much with the floors we are hoping to get this summer (the project we've been saving for).  I thought the red was super pretty on its own, but it seemed to make the main level look too "primary colors" or too 90's. Thankfully painting a room isn't a major endeavor...especially when there isn't too much space to be painted!

Although paint is easy to change, I really deliberated over which color to choose. I was pretty sure I wanted a blue since hues of blue are spread throughout our main level of our home.  But I wasn't sure if I wanted the same blue in the living room, and if not, how many shades lighter? 

I searched the interwebs for tips/pictures, thought it over for a quite a few months, and decided to go with one shade lighter than the living room (Sherwin Williams Refuge) color when putting it up to our backsplash and kitchen curtains. We ended up with Sherwin Williams Whirlpool, and I love it! The pictures don't do it justice--it really brings out the blue in our backsplash and curtains.

Here is the before & after...


Another fun and inexpensive project was recovering our kitchen chairs. Our neighbor, Kelly, put vinyl on hers and it was brilliant! Especially since ours were covered in food, playdoh and who knows what else from Will. Here's a close up of them now:

Hopefully I'll have an update this fall of new flooring--we are looking at medium-to-dark oak-colored luxury vinyl and laminate. Any recommendations?? We've also got a really simple tan rug picked out which will be perfect for the kitchen.

What big or small updates have you made recently?


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