Thursday, January 28, 2016

Will: 21 Months

Will is 21 months today!

He is talking SO much and getting easier to understand each day. There are definitely plenty of words we still can't recognize, but we get the gist. And he's now trying to say multiple words and phrases at a time. His tantrums haven't been lasting as long since we are quick to ignore him. He is also quick to say "please" for help or when reminded to use "nice words". It's amazing how he can switch it on and off :)

Will loves going to church (specifically running around with buddies from his class afterwards), and he typically screams bloody murder whenever we get his coat on to leave. He absolutely loves music, cars/planes/trains, eating, running, jumping (or trying to jump), doing laundry, helping with everything (cleaning, dishes, cooking), books, snuggling with blankets, Elmo, the fish at Meijer, and playdoh to name a few.

He can count to 10 with help and says every color is either blue or yellow. He can identify MI, TX, CA, LA, FL, ME and AL on his map placemat consistently. He can identify a boatload of animals and tell us their sounds. And he's really loving a book about feelings lately which makes this social worker happy (ha!). We're working on letters...he mostly just wants momma to sing :)

This month we also finally got his hair cut short! I love that I can see his entire face now!

He continues to learn and grow so much over the course of a month it just amazes me. I'm so thankful for our healthy, sweet, silly and rambunctious little boy!


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