Sunday, February 28, 2016

Will: 22 Months

Homeboy is two months away from being two! Crazy. Just crazy.

Will absolutely adores being outside. Seriously, he can never get enough. He also loves Elmo, reading books (and snuggling), running, mowing, his cozy coupe, peanut butter, jumping in puddles, going to the library, and trying new places.

Will is talking much more (putting 3 words together) and loves being with other kids whether's it's at church, the library or in our neighborhood. He's still into music, doing laundry, helping with cooking, peeing on the potty (but mostly if we ask), throwing food, spitting out his drink, and antagonizing Maggie :)

He is such a joyful kid (wellllll, unless he just woke up), and such a treasure to us!

I'm throwing in a picture because "gurl" hasn't made an appearance lately

We love you, babe!


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