Monday, March 28, 2016

Will: 23 Months

23 months!

Warning: there are about a million photos in this post...a friend let me borrow one of his lenses since I was deciding between a 35mm and 55mm lens. Working full-time outside of the home has been quite overwhelming lately, so it's amazing there are SO many pictures uploaded :)

Anyway, Will is almost TWO years old! He is talking up a storm--putting multiple words together and repeating everything we say. We absolutely love it!

He is very active--loves outside, sports, running, kicking, climbing and jumping (he can get a little air now)! He still loves to be held and often calls for mommy and daddy just to know where we are.

He transitioned to a big boy bed smoothly as it's almost been a month, and he hasn't gotten out of is at an inappropriate time yet. He also he has a teepee in his room now too! He likes to hide, read books or snuggle with his boatloads of stuffed animals in the teepee.

Will also loves music, praying at bedtime, feeding Maggie and letting her out to potty (and then watching her potty...), the moon, planes/trains/cars/trucks, hiding under the table when he's pooping, swim lessons, reading books, church, bright beginnings/library time and...Sesame street! He often says, "bit elmo? peesh." (A little bit of Elmo, please). We try to have strict limits on screen time each day. But sometimes there are those days...

Which brings me to tantruming. Will has definitely moved into the toddler phase. In the pictures you'll see how he can go from happy as a lark to "this is the worst day ever" in a matter of seconds. Most of the time it's pretty hilarious. We usually say, "we don't listen to whining" and walk away or prompt him to use nice words if it's not an all-out fit. Some days he listens super well and other days he's just a hot mess. I guess he's human! ;) Thankfully, the positive days outweigh the negative ones by a lot.

Will has definitely grown taller, but he hasn't gained much weight (some 18 month pants still fit in the waist!). We are amazed at how much he learns in a day and continues to do so. I'm so thankful for this little boy we've been gifted with. We love you to pieces, Will!

He loves Grandpa! (And the rest too!)

Snuggling with mommy

He gets a "hair...cut...cole" (haircut with Miss Nichole) every 6 weeks!

Loving his neighbor friends <3

This is a sad face, haha!

Oh Will, you are our absolutely favorite :)


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