Saturday, April 30, 2016

Will's 2nd Birthday Party

Due to Will's love-hate relationship (mostly love) with Maggie, we decided to have a puppy party to celebrate his 2nd birthday! We are so thankful for the many family and friends that came over to love and celebrate with us. His party was a perfect example of how blessed and grateful we are.

The day before the party, we took Will to the doctor yesterday for his 2-year checkup. He weighed 26.7 pounds (25%) and was ~33 inches tall (50%). He's finally growing in height! We weren't surprised by the weight as he is so active.

Before his party, I completed my Declare It Day goal and ran my first quarter marathon trail race! It went really fast since there was constantly something to focus on (aka not tripping). I ended up getting a much better time than I anticipated (9:30)--especially because the goal was to finish without walking.

Anyway, back to the party! Some pictures wouldn't rotate (or are blurry), but I'm leaving them up anyway :) Although we're all tired, it was a wonderful day!


Happy 2nd birthday sweet boy!!


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