Sunday, April 3, 2016

Will's Toddler Bedroom

We've changed Will's bedroom around to make it more of a toddler room rather than a nursery. He finally realized that his room was whale themed ("fish fish fish"), so it's been fun to make his space more interactive for him! 

I wanted to get him a teepee, but instead I got the materials and my sweet neighbor, Kelly, made it for us! Will loves to read in it with us...and lately he also likes to hide in it to avoid putting pajamas on when he runs in from brushing his teeth :)

Yes, his toddler bed is facing the wrong way. Corey put it together, and because I'm thankful, I'm not going to move it around

I still have to spray paint that side table

I put Will's current clothes on the bottom, and as I collect the next size up (i.e. hand-me-downs, sale racks, etc.) I put them on the top rack. His pants, shorts, PJs, diapers and linens are in his dresser.

These have also evolved as he's grown since we mostly keep his outdoor gear in a closet downstairs. We keep socks, slippers, swimsuits/swim diapers in these. I still need to update the tags.

Will is obsessed with helping us put [baby] powder on.. He also loves lotion and Vaseline on his face..silly boy

He loves his toddler bed ("new...bed? new...bed?"), and he needs to have almost every stuffed animal he owns in the bed. He's also very fond of his "blue bankie" 

He loves going without clothes. Corey says he takes after me :P

Will loves helping  move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. Pushing the buttons is also an all-time favorite

So there you have it! A few minor things to update still, but the major changes are done. It's fun to see Will appreciate different aspects of his room. I'm sure I'll get the itch to change things around again, but I'm planning on this theme lasting at least a few more years.


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