Monday, June 20, 2016

Big House Tour & Life Lately

This past week we celebrated Corey's birthday by going on a tour of the Big House, and it was!! Corey was literally geeked the entire time...he actually seemed like a kid in a candy shop. It was wonderful to spend the day with him and experience this with him! If you are a UofM fan, then we'd highly recommend this tour. Info can be found here 

Here are some phone pictures to recap:

The whole gang!

Lunch at McAlisters

Going into the locker room

Tunnel to the field

Don was the best tour guide!

We ended the day with dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin and slushies at 7Eleven. It was such a terrific day! For Tim's birthday (my FIL) a few weeks ago we hit up the John Ball Zoo. I thought it was the sweetest that for his present he wanted to spend time with us. Well, who am I kidding? He really just wanted to spend time with Will ;) Here are some pictures of that:

As usual, Will was obsessed with the water, sewer drains and fans more so than the animals!

As for life lately: We are potty training Will starting today! He's doing way better than I thought he would, so we're going to keep on moving along...all on his timing of course. He's also decided to leave his room 10+ times for nap and bedtime. After having his toddler bed 6+ months this is now beginning. Part of it, I now realize, it that I laid with him in for the first few minutes of bedtime (and sleeping with us at Fife Lake), and it's transformed into I-can't-sleep-on-my-own anymore mindset. Slowly but surely we'll extinguish that behavior. One day at a time!

 Will and I are also establishing a morning routine of a walk/run and Bible reading time together. Even though it's short, it's special to spend time in the Word with him. I pray he learns to treasure and crave it.

We've got some fun playdates, trips to lakes/splash pads and trips to parks coming up. I'm also thinking of adding some shiplap to our island in the next few weeks, and in August we are getting our main level floors redone. Summer is so wonderful. So many things to look forward to and enjoy!

Here's to me attempting to blog more!


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