Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Simple Home Updates

Summer is my project time. I try to jam-pack as many projects into the summer as I can simply because I have the time! 

About a month ago we replaced all our outdoor lights (no more spaceships!) and redid our landscaping (one side will be redone next year and the back patio still needs work). I couldn't find my before picture, but who really wants to see that anyway?


(this was actual in the middle of transplanting)

(still need to grow grass in some parts!)

Will's contribution :)


Garage Toy Organization:

 We also put in a new mailbox last week. I know it seems silly to be excited about a new mailbox, but it's seriously awesome. Corey always joked that our broken mailbox had ED since it was slanted since the day we moved in. Simple things add much curb appeal, and no one notices if you have a nice one, but they definitely notice when it's not nice. I like adding value to our home the easy way :) 

Corey's mom made some pretty curtains for us in the dining room when we moved in, but she encouraged me to change them out...and I'm so glad I did! We have so much more light in there now. More updates will come later.

Below are some new frames in the half bath. The beach pictures were from our honeymoon that I hung up when we moved in four years ago. I decided we needed a little more humor in our half bath (I'm a weirdo), and the "you are loved" was made by a friend. Will also contributed some artwork.



Since we're getting our main level floors done this summer, I'll mostly be updating other parts of our home in simple, inexpensive ways (like changing kitchen cupboard knobs and door knobs/hinges)...the best way to do it! 

I hope you are enjoying this lovely summer day!


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