Thursday, June 30, 2016

Life Lately 6.30.16

This week has had the perfect amount of activity and relaxation! Summer is seriously wonderful with a two year old. I am continually overwhelmed with gratitude for this time with Will, and I cherish each day.

Sunday we spent at the downtown market where we bought some artwork. The rest of the day we spent outside playing with the bubble mower, having a picnic, eating "watergangle" (watermelon), and playing with 6+ neighbor kids in the sprinkler, on the trampoline, etc while the adults hung out. We absolutely love our neighbors!

Monday we walked a mile to our fire station with some neighbors to visit the fire trucks. The fire station is open to the public every day of the week! Then we played on a playground and went on a nature walk. It ended up being a half day excursion! Will wasn't sure about sitting on the fire truck until the very end...and of course once he was on it, he didn't want to get off :)

Our neighbor, Miss Kelly, is a rockstar!

Tuesday will and I went to the Gardens. It was chillier, but we managed to play in the water and tree fort. Then we met Daddy for lunch at Meijer. It was a low-key day which we appreciated.

Wednesday Will, my mom and I went to the library's "Touch a Truck" event where Will got to go in tractors, bulldozers, police cars, etc. After being put in a tow truck by a strange man and the worker closing the door, Will had had enough (lol). He was also super hangry. But he sat in most of the vehicles before clinging to me for life. We also experienced Culvers for the first time where Will discovered that he likes bleu cheese dressing. Will also finally went poop on the potty again!!! His reward after nap was a trip to the "dodar store" (dollar store) and playground.

Clinging for dear life after the tow truck guy :)

Today Will and I went to Millennium Park in Walker with his cousins, and it was SO much fun!! Will loved rolling in the sand, eating sand, swimming with cousins, and he enjoyed the splash park. He didn't want to leave! During lunch he sat with his cousins, and they got him to say things like "Nathan is a hippie". They thought it was hilarious, and Will loved the attention. It actually was quite funny :) I'm so incredibly thankful for those six boys!

He insisted on this hat for our morning run

Tomorrow we're hanging at the lake with Eli and then having a low-key weekend. We're looking forward to spending time with family for 4th of July, as well as seeing the longest and loudest tractor/fire truck parade ever. Since I'm paranoid about random things (hearing loss being one of those things), I got Will headphones. We'll see if he keeps them on.

*Potty training update: Will has done awesome with peeing on the potty. For the past two weeks he has chosen to wear underwear, and he even stays dry all night and during naps (WOAH!). If someone besides me is at home when he wakes up, then we have to quick give him peanut butter before he's ready to pee on the potty let alone have someone pick him up that's not momma ;)

In regards to #2 on the potty, Will did great the first two days last week because it was new, but then he didn't really care. Finally on Wednesday he pooped in the potty when I threatened to shut the bathroom door! I didn't actually think it would work, but I was desperate. We'll see how it continues to go. I feel like we can't go back to a diaper since he's got the pee thing down, and he wants to wear underwear. He doesn't always tell us when he has to pee, but he will hold it until we remind him to go. He also really loves flushing toilets...even gross public restroom ones...

Will has also been staying in his bed at night now since we switched up the bedtime routine (I no longer lay with him), and I also threatened to close the door if he leaves his bed. I'm so cruel! But whatever it takes...this parenting thing is tricky sometimes ;)

Overall, it's been a stellar week, and we have many more things to look forward to. 

Cheers to summer!


Katie said...

I love these updates, Holly! Will seems like he's just at such a fun age and it SO fun that you get to have summers with him. That last photo is a framer, for sure!

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