Saturday, July 23, 2016

Concerts and Weddings Oh My!

This past week has been a whirlwind of events, but it was a stellar one!

Last Thursday Corey and I saw Old Crow Medicine Show at Frederick Meijer Gardens, and it. was. amazing!!! Saturday we attended the most beautiful wedding I've ever been to--the style/decor/details were gorgeous, and it was such a sweet union. Sunday Corey and I went to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros with Kenny and Jenny. It was definitely entertaining.

This past week has been filled with trips to the lake, playing with neighbors, swim lessons, Will playing with Grandma so I can get caught up on life, trips to Skyzone for Grandma's birthday, dinner with family/cousins, and a trip to GR's public museum today. Will is a wee bit obsessed with the carousel.

I'm sad to see summer fly by, but it's packed to the brim with wonderful things. This coming week we have some play dates set, and Will and I are going to IN for a few days to visit Aunt Stacy and Eli! We so can't wait.

Potty update: Will has gone poop on potty a little more often! He'll usually start going and then stop and race to the potty (with our reminder ;)). He'll ask to go pee on potty on his own when we forget to remind him. So slowly but surely! Aren't you so glad you can read about my kids bowel movements? Ah, such is life.

Home updates: things have slowed down as we prepare for new floors Aug 8. I'll post details later in case anyone is in the market for flooring and want to know what we chose and why.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Fourth of July & Other Festivities

We had a busy fourth of July, but it was awesome! We went to the Decatur parade which is quite possibly the longest and loudest 4th of July parade in MI :P Afterwards, we went to Corey's aunt uncle's house for lunch, tractor rides, and swimming.

Following Will's nap, we went to Stac's parents house for our annual 4th of July shindig. Will had his first speedboat ride (he's been on pontoons before), and he rocked the headphones for fireworks until we convinced him that they were "awesome" at which point he "conquered the fireworks". 

Last week we also hit up Deer Tracks Junction with some was so fun! Baby goats were everywhere, and we were there for a long time without seeing everything. It was so clean, and the staff was super. We'll definitely be back again soon.

We also went to Myers Lakes Beach, updated our kitchen cupboard knobs and all main level door knobs/hinges (I'm a pro now), celebrated my birthday by going to Lowe's (my favorite store!), and we went to a bunch of playgrounds...Will's favorite summer past-time. Corey took last week off, so it was fun to have him around! I'm also thankful there is so much to do in our own community.
(Corey also spoiled me with a mani/pedi and shopping).

This morning we went to story time at the library with friends and had them over to play. By the end, Will was snuggling up to my friend, Jaime, more so than playing with her sons (stinker :)). Will watched a friend poop on the potty (we're creepy like that), and today he went poop on the potty! It's seriously hit or miss, but he's go the pee-thing down. When we was done he yelled, "GO WILL!" and then raised his hand in the air and said "DODAR STORE!" (Dollar store). Guess we'll be going there tonight! He went to church for the first time in his underwear this past weekend and did super.

The rest of this week we're watching air planes at the airport, getting much needed haircuts, going to a friends birthday party at a horse stable, changing some indoor light fixtures, ordering flooring (details to come), and going to Lake MI with cousins. Corey and I also have 2 concerts at Meijer Gardens this week and a wedding. It's a fun-packed week!

Obviously we're trying to cram in an insane amount of stuff  as much as fun as possible before work starts up again. Summer is going too fast!