Saturday, August 20, 2016

New Main Level Floors

Since we've paid off my undergrad/graduate school loans (YAY!), we have been able to put in new flooring on our main level. The 14 year old linoleum was ripped, stained and well worn. We went through every option under the sun--vacillating between tile, vinyl and laminate. Based on reviews, price, and recommendations, we decided to do this luxury vinyl plank. We absolutely love it! Will immediately spilled his cereal and water all over the floor, and it easily wipes up. It is water resistant which we needed. Benson Flooring did a fantastic job! We were very pleased with them, and we would highly recommend them. We will be getting a rug for the kitchen at a later date.

We've done quite a bit to our kitchen since moving in four-ish years ago. Since then we also...

Painted it red
Added back splash (details found here)
Painted the cabinets and island (details found here)
Changed the light and window treatments (details found here)
Painted it blue
Painted it back to cream to match the other walls (clearly I couldn't make up my mind!)
Changed knobs/hinges



 We are planning to add shiplap to the island to give it some dimension. We've got the materials just need to buckle down and do it...I'm going to need a LONG break from house projects after that one :)

We added board & batten (minus the batten) to the dining room & painted it white (Swiss Coffee to be exact). Corey's mom was very gracious and painted it for us!

close-up of floor...

We also added wainscoting to the half bath and painted the top part the same as our bedroom color: Sherwin Williams Seasalt. Jill also painted the half bath for us--we are so grateful!

Before/After in one shot...


A co-worker made this table for us in December, and it has been GREAT for toy storage! I love that the toys are easily accessible, but each item has a place. It's nice to have a few toys upstairs without the toys taking over the entire room.

A new wall gallery that needs some pictures...

Overall, we are so so grateful for the updates we've been able to do over the past 4.5 years. It makes our home feel more like us, and therefore, more welcoming to others. We were able to be disciplined with our loans because the Lord has granted us stable jobs, and we are very thankful to Him.

With that said, come on over for dinner!

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer is Flying!

Where does the time go? I've been MIA since returning from IN with Will because we've been so busy. I've had a trunk show, went to IKEA, went out with friends, playdates, and then I had a girls weekend in Chicago. 

This past week we had our floors redone (WOO!), so we spent most of the time at my parent's house, and I'm finally feeling like I can catch up on life now that we're settled back in. Here is a sneak peak of the new floors--I'll post a thorough update later:

In other news, Will is fully potty trained! The day I left for Chicago he decided to go poop on the potty. I knew it was going to be when he wanted to, and for some reason it was this day. Anyway, we've had about a week and a half of no poop accidents (no pee for a long time now), and he usually goes without even telling us! Lately he's only wanted me in the bathroom with him (what an honor ;)) or he'll say "no momma. leave please." So after him joining me in the bathroom ALL those times he demands privacy...haha! Kids are silly. I'm sure we'll have setbacks, but I'm still thankful to not clean up poop anymore...and that the process overall wasn't too terrible.

Will also graduated to the pre-school swim class, so we no longer have to go with him. Selfishly, it's awesome! And it's so cool to see him mature and gain independence. He's doing well! In a few weeks he'll move up to the pre-school room at church. Time is seriously flying!

This week is my last full week with Will. I've really been grieving the end of summer, but I'm thankful for work as it helps me appreciate so much. We're going to spend a lot of time with friends this week and soak as much summer as we can (despite it being insanely humid...yuck). 

I'm eager to get back into the swing of the school year, actually planning meals again, and having more consistent workouts. I started the summer strong, and we still get our walks in, but with all the trips I haven't been as diligent lately. 

That's it for now--more updates (floors, school, etc.) later!