Wednesday, October 12, 2016


We are feeling all sorts of gratitude that my levels are at 7. I will continue to do weekly blood draws after my levels are >5 (considered negative) and then go to monthly draws to ensure that my levels stay down/the molar tissue has not regrown. Thankfully, once they are negative for a few weeks in a row, the likelihood of regrowth is very low.

Now that we've had time to grieve (and continue to do so as it creeps up here and there), my hormones are finally stabilized, my body is getting back to normal, we have the reassurance of my levels dropping, and I'm getting over a pesky cold...we have been able to get back into a more healthy rhythm. Less survival and more intentional. 

Again, I am amazed at the Lord's graciousness and power. He has guided us through this journey, and we continue to trust in Him as we keep going through it. He really is good, and we will be exclaiming that no matter what our circumstances are (as annoying as they may be :)). I have been feeling considerably less anxious about our future for which I am grateful. I'm thankful how the Lord has grown me and will continue to refine me through this as I have much to learn still.

We are also thankful, once again, for the outpouring of love we have receive by friends and family near and far. The Lord provides us with exactly what we need when we need it, and we have been comforted by so many. I have been encouraged by and honored to hear similar stories of others. 

I am excited for the child God has prepared for us and the day that we can meet him/her. In the meantime, we continue to process, pray and seek joy. We will continue to be excited for those around us as we are constantly reminded that the Lord is near and holy. We praise Him for that.

The last few posts were incredibly raw and honest. Since my hormones have gone down, my posts may not be so intense (we'll see anyway, ha!). Whatever happens, we "trust in the Lord with all our hearts"...the verse Will memorized last month for church.

And hopefully I'll finally get around to writing an update about Will since he has grown SO much! He's the just the sweetest (and sassiest) <3 More to come!


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