Thursday, October 27, 2016

Will: 2.5 Years

Our sweet little boy is 2.5 years old! 

Currently, Will is...

having conversations
starting to ask "why momma?"
fully potty trained
counting to 10 (20 with help)
identifies shapes and colors
singing the ABCs
obsessed with trucks, construction vehicles, airplanes, trains
head-over-heals for Sesame Street, Mighty Machines and Bob the Builder

Will loves to be goofy, dance and sing. He's a social butterfly and tries to keep up with the big neighbor kids. He loves to ride his "motorcycle", play sports, and do "cartwheels" in the yard. He just transitioned to a big bike with training wheels! It was the absolute sweetest when we got it for him (a hand-me-down from his cousins). He gasped when he saw it and then yelled, "biiiiiiiike!" followed by "thank you". Melt my heart!

Will is also doing more pretend play which is so fun to witness. He loves to snuggle with us and with his stuffed animals. Will enjoys church and can recognize when we're close (or near other places). Will no longer takes naps, so we're trying to teach him quiet time. The lack of nap makes him extra sleepy in the evening but bedtime has improved significantly now.

Will has a decreased appetite since he'd rather be playing, but he always eats better if we're with other people. He is still obsessed with peanut butter though. Will loves babies, and he loves to help. He also has his fair share of tantrums! Typically when he's tired or most kids (and me). Now that our lives are more stable, we've been back to focusing on "nice words", less screen time and more independence with tasks.

Corey's mom took some family pictures last week, and these are some of my favorites:

Although this season has been difficult for us, I am incredibly thankful for our family and the many, many blessings we have. The Lord has been good to us.


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