Sunday, November 13, 2016

6th Anniversary

Corey and I went up north to The Homestead in Glen Arbor for our 6th anniversary this past weekend. It was so refreshing to get away for a bit! It was a quick trip, but just what we needed. I even slept in till 9:30! I cannot remember the last time I slept in past 7:30am. The accommodations weren't the best or worst we've ever had. We probably won't ever stay there again since it's just too far from anything...the closest gas station is 20 miles away. But the time with Corey was needed. We had dinner at North Peak Brewing in Traverse City, and it was superb. 

We also celebrated because Corey got a new job!! He's been waiting 2.5 years to get the offer. Some may think it's silly to wait that long, but Corey was pretty strategic about it (I can share details in person). He will still be working for the government, but as a criminal investigator for the IRS rather than an auditor. To begin, he will have to do five months of police/tax training in Georgia. There are still a lot of unknowns (like when he'll start), but we're trusting in the Lord's timing and praying we have sufficient notice before he has to go. There are many things we could be anxious about, but we are choosing to be amazed at how God would provide such incredible news during our miscarriage difficulties. 

We are also rejoicing because my levels have stayed negative for three consecutive weeks! This is a major answer to prayer, and we are deeply grateful. Now I do monthly blood draws for 4 months instead of weekly. The days seems to be moving by slowly, but the weeks are flying...if that makes any sense. Four months seems far off, but really, things have been moving fast. Having a busy fall and anticipating the holidays has been a great distraction. 

Speaking of holidays, we are going to begin a new family tradition for the Advent season. Typically our only tradition, besides adding a new ornament to our tree each year, is that we go to breakfast at Peppermill Grill on Christmas Eve. Now we are going to do an advent calendar. I ordered one from Land of Nod, and I am going to write down something we need to do on Popsicle sticks for each day. Some examples: bake Christmas cookies, read the nativity story from the Bible, sing a Christmas carol, donate toy(s), write a thank you for the mail carrier, take a picture by the Christmas tree. A few days here and there Will is going to have a little present instead. Some examples include chapstick (he's obsessed--wonder where he gets that from), candy cane, a quarter, stickers, etc. I am really looking forward to this, and I am hoping these activities--no matter how small--help me to slow down and have "a thrill of hope as the weary world rejoices." And to remember what a privilege it is to have Will and teach him about our Lord.

The last fabulous update is that there are only 22 more work days until Christmas break!


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